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Artista plástico. Artesana del tejido. Escritora aficionada. Licenciada en Educación.

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Amigurumi: We bare bears

¡Saludos! en esta ocasión les comparto estos amigurumis que realicé de la serie animada Escandalosos o We bare bears en inglés, creación de Daniel Chong que se transmite por Cartoon Network. La misma, se estrenó en el año 2015.

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My creations 2019

Just like last year I count my creations published throughout the year. This 2019 was definitely one of the most emotionally demanding years for many Venezuelans due to the collapse of our electrical system, which caused blackouts of several days as well as the application of the electrical rationing measure that is still in force and which limits working hours.

Personally, I had to face several health decays while finishing my last responsibilities from the university, finally being able to finish my studies successfully. I did not intend to make this post because I considered that there were very few creations that I had published this year in comparison to 2018, however, today I realized that even with all the bad things I could do many things, such as finishing the last semester at the university, make internships, prepare my thesis and the plastic work that it entailed and defend it publicly obtaining the highest qualification.

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